Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the core requirements for the fellowship in terms of coursework, didactics, clinical responsibilities, etc? 

Fellows are required to attend weekly didactics, journal club, grand rounds and other similar meetings. Fellows do a maximum of 20% clinical time, and when board eligible/board certified and approved by their departments, can practice medicine independently, i.e., as attendings. While the fellowship will help with introducing fellows to the different groups and faculty they may be interested in working with, it is up to the fellows to connect with the faculty to request work on specific projects tied usually related to their clincal specialty. The majority of training takes place in year 1 with year 2 of the fellowship focusing on projects.


Are there any daily or weekly responsibilities (clinical or administrative or other) for the fellows? 

Fellows are expected to manage their clinical, didactic, and project time with help available from CIF faculty if needed. On a quarterly basis, they will check in with fellowship leadership to see what their progress is. The milestones for Clinical Informatics fellowships can be found here: The typical day will depend heavily on what projects you decide to work on.


Is there an opportunity to take supplemental coursework?

Fellows often do decide to take supplemental coursework, either at UCSF or online. The fellowship covers the cost of TICR courses and has a limited discretionary fund that fellows can use with approval for other courses.